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Horizon Cremation has submitted a planning application to build a new crematorium between Oxted and Godstone that will serve the people who live in the district of Tandridge.

At present, there is no crematorium for Tandridge residents. Nor are there any crematoria in Reigate and Banstead Borough to the west, or Sevenoaks District to the east. The nearest facilities are in London (Croydon or Beckenham Crematoria) at Crawley to the south or in Leatherhead.

In practise, Tandridge residents tend to go to Crawley or Leatherhead. Not only are both of these busy, they are also the most expensive crematoria in the UK.

Surrey and Sussex Crematorium outside Crawley is the 11th busiest crematorium in the UK and in 2018 conducted over 3,000 services. It is a former council facility now operated by Dignity plc and is well over sixty years old.

Randalls Park in Leatherhead cremates over 2,100 per year and it too is nearly 60 years old. Situated on the A25 outside Oxted, our facility would give local people a modern alternative.


Horizon Cremation is building and operating crematoria in areas where current facilities are over-stretched. We want to make the experience of attending a service as poignant, memorable and moving as we can.

Our buildings are carefully considered and we hire compassionate people who can provide the best possible service at a time of distress. Our first facility on the Clyde Coast was voted the ‘Best Crematorium in Scotland’ in the 2019 Scottish Funeral Awards. We want to bring the same quality and care to Oxted.

Horizon is building two new crematoria in Cannock and in East Renfrewshire (to the south of Glasgow). We have plans in preparation for several more sites across the country.

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